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Cutting blades (3 pcs) and screws (3 pcs) 50032396

Cutting blades (3 pcs) and screws (3 pcs) 50032396

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Compatible with WR130E, WR139E, WR140, WR140E, WR141E, WR142E, WR143, WR143E, WR143E.1, WR147E.1, WR148E, WR150, WR150E, WR153, WR153E, WR155, WR155E, WR165E, WR167E, CR208E, LX790, LX790I, LX791, LX792, LX793, LX795, LX796, LX796i, LX797, LX799, LX810i, LX812I, LX835, LX990, LX991, LX992, WG757E, WG758E, WR090S, WR091S, WR092S, WR093S, WR094S, WR095S, WR096S, WR100SI, WR101SI, WR101SI.1, WR102SI, WR102SI.1, WR103SI, WR104SI, WR104SI.1, WR105SI, WR105SI.1, WR106SI, WR106SI.1, WR110MI, WR110MI.1, WR111MI, WR112MI, WR113MI, WR115MI, WG757E, WG758E

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